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Privacy & Security
Privacy will never sell or rent your personal information. We collect the following information for the sole purpose of processing your order:
  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Payment Information
We respect your privacy and are committed to keeping your personal information secure. For added protection, our site runs on SSL technology. For more detailed information on SSL, please refer to our help section.

SSL Technology
Secure Shopping (SSL):
When you shop, you never have to worry about the safety and protection of your credit card information. We guarantee every transaction conducted on our site will be secure. remains in constant compliance with Payment Industry Standards (PCI) to ensure that we are protecting our customers from identity and credit theft.

What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a protocol that uses a cryptographic system to instantly encrypt data into a scrambled code for communication transmitted via the internet.

How does SSL work?
When you enter your order into our site, the information is broken down and encrypted so that the information may travel safely from your computer to our system. Once our server has been authenticated, your order information is verified, reconstructed and transmitted back to us. The breakdown of information ensures that third parties aren't able to obtain the information.

Verifying SSL Status
  How do I verify the SSL Security Status of
See the gold "Verified Volusion Merchant" emblem to your left? Simply click on that icon. This will open a new window with detailed information on our company and the validation status of our security certificate.